MOOS from the Town Manager

January 26, 2014

At a recent Town COWncil meeting, Town Manager Kevin Bryant presented information on some recent and upcoming Town business about which you should definitely be aware.

Kevin announced plans for the Open Space Cow-mmittee to review Woodside’s fence regulations in the wake of the recent General Plan and Residential Design Guideline updates. After they bash it out, it will come to the Town COWncil for a “brief presentation” about their recommendations. Given that this is Woodside, we think the odds that homeowners will be happy with any new regulations are slight.

For those of us who keep an eye on our beautiful creeks and wonderful trail system (and isn’t that all of us?), we know that a creek crossing in Woodside was washed away more than a year ago in the big storms of December 2012, and the crossing has yet to be repaired so that COWs can use it again. The Trails Cow-mmittee has investigated the possibilities of building a bridge, which would be quite expensive, and are in talks with the State for advice on what to do. The Town COWncil will finally be addressing this infrastructure need sometime in 2014.

Coming right up in January, the Town COWncil of Woodside will be meeting with their counterparts in Portola Valley for a “discussion” about “appropriate regulations” for wood shake roofs in our Towns. The Firewise Cow-mmittee, made up of some members from each COWncil as well as the Fire Chief and Fire Marshal of the WFPD scheduled the meeting on Thursday, January 30th to “discuss regulating the use of wood shake roofs.” While we are very cow-ncerned with the possibility of fire in our Town (see some of our articles here and here on the subject, we also are very cow-ncerned about adding more layers of complexity to the convoluted development process for home building and repairs. Our hope is that the decision is sensible and appropriate. If you have thoughts on the matter, let your voice be herd!

More good news was reported about the economic recovery in Woodside, with building activity over the past few months continuing its rapid pace. While occasionally trying on neighbors, it shows that our Town is still a vital and desirable place to live.

Kevin also reported on the Town’s roads program. More than $600,000 was spent on road rehabilitation and repair of infrastructure. Coming up in 2014 will be funding for Woodside Road improvements including: $50,000 to repair storm drains in Town, and $20,000 to analyze the aging bridges on Portola, Mountain Home, and Kings Mountain Roads. The bridges will be a major issue going forward, with the possibility of costing millions of dollars to repair or replace. The COWncil has sounded pessimistic about the financial strain this could put on the Town. We’re all hoping for a reasonable solution.

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