Local young-un receives Coast to Coast Kudos

May 6, 2009

Here’s a huge HOOVES-RAY to Woodside’s own Annie Kingman, a seventh-grader here who received recognition from coast-to-coast for her multiple award-winning science fair project.

A number of COWs were aware of Annie’s project, but we were more than pleased to see her recognized in the Newbury (Connecticut) Daily News. It turns out that Annie’s project replicates the patterns of beach erosion in the Connecticut resort town of Plum Island where her father has roots.

Since the Kingman family regularly visits there, Plum Island is a special place to Annie who was concerned about the beach erosion problem there. “I thought it was important because we have a house there and a lot of other people have houses there,” she said in an interview with The Daily News. “I don’t want it to erode away so we couldn’t go there anymore.”

To conduct her study, Annie rigged a piece of wood to a small electric motor to simulate the movement of wave action on the shoreline. The wood rocks back and forth to create the wave’s ebb and flow. Then she built jetties of varying length to see how they affected the flow of sand on the beach.

The project was impressive enough to win first prize at the school science fair in January. The following month she took first prize at the County science fair. With COWs cheering her on, Annie then swept through the larger regional fair in San Francisco where she not only took first prize in her category, but the grand prize as best overall project. AND, she was given a special award from the U.S. Geological Survey—enough HOOVERAYS for an entire herd!

Next, it’s on to Los Angeles this month where she competes against students from grades six through 12 representing some 950 projects. We have our hooves crossed for her.

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