July 5, 2016

We continue to be baffled at the Town’s lack of willingness to help all COWs stay informed. Far behind most of our neighboring cities and towns, Woodside still does not provide live or recorded videos of official meetings. It is still using antiquated audio tape recording equipment for public hearings and committee meetings making it extremely difficult to access the discussions. Tapes need to be requested, a fee paid and then the poor quality makes them hard to make out what is being said and by whom. See our story on this here.

COW has been providing video of Council meetings and other meetings as we can. This service is provided by your donations.

But a little of good news! Our new Town Clerk has added the audio recordings of Town Council meetings online. These recordings can be found at the bottom of the Town Council meeting minutes.

We applaud this as a first step towards transparency and we hope they follow up and add all official Town meetings so COWs can tune in and listen.

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