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August 29, 2007


We hear of rumblings about a need for change. We hear the be–moo-ning about policies and conduct of our Town leaders; but, then why do people not step forward when there is the chance to make a difference?Nobody has put their hoof forward to challenge the incumbents seeking another term. Susan Boynton and Ron Romines are coming back to the council unopposed. Sue has been on the Council for 8 years. Ron was appointed to replace Dave Tanner in District 1 when Tanner moved into District 4 and ran unopposed in 2005. See our story. Paul Goeld, District 5 and Pete Sinclair District 7 have decided not to seek reelection. While we have often disagreed with them, we admire their willingness to serve their community and wish them well.

We applaud Dave Burow who is standing for election unopposed in District 5 and Peter Mason who is standing for election unopposed in 7. Since they are new to many COW’s, we offer them the opportunity to tell all of us about themselves and what they want to accomplish. We will print whatever they provide unedited and unchanged.

While its moo-rvelous to see new faces, we would really like to see some contested elections. Contested elections create a focus on the issues and a vehicle for debating the future of our community. Why is it that in other towns, residents seem more willing to stand up for election? Do we really not care? Are we Cowed?

In Millbrae there are 3 seats up for election and 8 candidates. Foster City has 7 candidates including 2 incumbents for 3 seats. In Redwood City, 3 candidates are opposing 4 incumbents. Two incumbents are being challenged in San Mateo which has 5 candidates for 2 seats and in Burlingame where there are 5 candidates for 2 seats. South San Francisco has 3 candidates for 2 seats and in Belmont, there are 2 seats and 4 candidates. According to the San Mateo Daily News, only Half Moon Bay and Woodside have no contested races. See the article here

We view countries that never have contested elections as being undemocratic. Here we are with an enviable demographic of intelligent, educated residents. From our survey last year and what we hear from our members, we know that there is concern about the way business is done at Town hall. Why is it that we do not have vibrant elections where the ideas and policies which will shape the future of our barnyard are discussed?

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