April 16, 2018

We have raised concerns about dangerous walking conditions in our Town several times. And COWncil should take this concern seriously before something tragic happens. We love our Woodside horses and fully support trails for them but we love our kids and care about other COWS even more. Trails that can get kids to school or pedestrians to Town center more safely, should be improved for shared use or new walking trails built so that all COWs (not just the ones on horses) can be safe.

The results of the recent survey are informative. Some of the comments we want at highlight are listed below..

• Roads are well maintained, but we need some footpaths! There needs to be more help for pedestrians please.
• We would benefit from a More kid focused events and attitude balanced against the current horse focused approach.
• Town needs more dog-friendly parks and trails.
• The roads lack cross walks which jeopardizes our children. Trucks speed down Mountain Home Road and Canada every morning. Mountain Home Road requires speed humps and/or cross walks to return safety to our kids’ walk to school.
• Horse trails on Mountain Home are littered with Eucalyptus droppings and are very muddy. Horse trails/walking trails along Woodside Road (between Roberts and the Elementary School) are not easily walkable because of horse manure. Circulation in the town, especially at Roberts Corner is extremely dangerous. The Town of Woodside should make it priority #1 to make our town WALKABLE and safe.
• I wish dog walkers would actually use the trail system instead of walking in the middle of the road. Also, the trails are very difficult for strollers, so those end up on the road as well. (Thinking mostly of Albion/Manuella.)

Safety should be our COWncil’s #1 priority. The COWncil really needs to look at what can be done to make our roads and trails along them safer for all. We are not suggesting all horse trails should be shared, many don’t make sense to open up to foot traffic. But where owners are willing and where a pedestrian trail will increase safety, we think it is time to see what can be done to make the Town kid and dog friendlier.

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