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September 12, 2011

Well, partners there’s a new law in town and around California aim-in to keep citizens safe. Owners of all California homes that have (i) a fossil fuel-burning heater, appliance or fireplace (for example, a gas stove or water heater) or (ii) an attached garage, need to be aware that they must now install carbon monoxide alarms. CO alarms are supposed to be installed outside of each sleeping area and on every level of a dwelling including the basement. For new construction CO alarms must be hardwired with battery backup and be interconnected so that they all activate if one alarm activates. CO alarms for existing homes may be either battery-powered or plug-in with battery back-up.

Make no mistake, carbon monoxide is dangerous. High concentrations of this colorless, odorless gas can cause brain damage, loss of consciousness, and/or coma, and is responsible for an average of 450 deaths and more than 20,0000 emergency room visits in the United States. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is the leading cause of accidental poisoning in the US the State Fire Marshall maintains a list of approved devices.

So skedaddle on down and get your CO alarms. At the same time, check your fire alarm and make sure you have an escape plan with your family. so you can hightail it out of any dangerous situation. Be safe COWs.

The Woodside Fire District has more information here and they have a wonderful informational handout which is designed to teach kids about carbon monoxide poisoning.

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