Jackling House Up-date

March 15, 2010

In our last Roundup, we noted a closed session on the on-going litigation about the Jackling House. Now we know more about what is going on. In an opinion filed on March 8th, Judge Marie Weiner upheld Town COWncil’s most recent decision to allow Steve Jobs to demolish the Jackling House subject to certain salvage requirements. The Court found that the orginal defects in the EIR had been rectified. (See our prior stories here and here) Unless Uphold Our Heritage appeals within the next 60 days and drags this our further, Jobs can be given his demolition permit. Knowing Woodside, the processing of the demolition permit will take a couple of months.

When we last visited this issue, there was a three-way agreement signed last summer to let Palo Alto’s Gordon Smythe dismantle, store and at some point rebuild the Jackling House. (Link) This agreement apparently fell apart because of delays caused by the litigation.

According to the Mercury News, Woodside residents Jason and Magalli Yoho have expressed interest in moving the mansion 2.3 miles to a lot they own on Lindenbrook Road. We wish them luck and hope that they can succeed.

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