Horse Statue Canters Towards Completion

September 30, 2009

The COWncil received an update at its meeting of September 22nd on the progress of the horse statue to be placed on Village Hill. The report states that the COWncil approved the Woodside Landscape Committee’s proposal for the statue of a foal and mare back in September of last year; since then, the Landscape COWmittee has been raising money for the project.

The current design is the compromise following the controversy we wrote about back in May of last year, where we told you that some members of the COWmittee wanted a statue of a horse-and-rider in western tack. That set off a tempest in a paddock, with citizens who ride English style, show jumpers and others who merely are fans of horses in general decrying it as unrepresentative of the full horse cowmunity in our Town. COWncil member Dave Tanner waded in on that issue by saying that the English style riders and show jumpers might end up wanting their own statues!

The current image of a mare and foal debuted at the 2008 Day of the Horse and since then the Landscape COWmittee has raised $80,000 of the total $100,000 the statue is projected to cost. Because the project is nearing finalization, the matter is coming back to the ASRB for input on the siting of the statue this coming Monday October 5th.

In an interesting move, instead of standard story poles for new construction, the Town has set up a life-size photo of the proposed horse statue (misleadingly in full natural horse colors, as opposed to in the color and appearance of the actual proposed statue) on Village Hill, directly across Woodside Road from the Village Pub. This is the currently proposed site for the statue. You can take a look from now until for several weeks after the COWmittee meets.

While we will welcome the foal and mare as an appropriate symbol of our Town, we are particularly glad Town funds are not paying for this project. (Of course, staff time is being used and the Town is not charging permit fees.) Preliminary review of the site has found that the statue will have to be attached to the hill with foundation piers, which will spike the cost beyond the original $100,000 forecast. We hope that in these tough economic times, the Landscape COWmittee can find enough donors to be able to finish this ambitious project without the infusion of public dollars!

Public art is often controversial so, take a look for yourself and if you have a strong opinion, you should voice it now.

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