Horse Manure

February 13, 2012

The Mounted Patrol is the poster child for Woodside permit processing. It all began in 2000, when the Mounted Patrol applied to modify its Conditional Use Permit on the property. On October 25, 2011 the Council held a continuation of its July 23, 2003 Public Hearing concerning the Appeal of the July 25, 2001 determination that existing uses (including events) at the Mounted Patrol Grounds at 521 Kings Mountain Road are either allowed by the Patrol’s existing Conditional Use Permit (cup #80-12) or are “grandfathered.” Staff recommended that that the Town Council hold a Public Hearing and then continue to a date uncertain.

As we understand it, a list of “Operating Criteria” was developed and a trial period for the implementation of the criteria was agreed upon by all involved, to be closely monitored by Town staff. As of September of 2002, a one-year trial was to commence and the appeal was continued pending this trial period. However, the Town never followed up and the matter was never placed back before the Town Council for final resolution.

There appear to be considerable controversy about the proposal. In the end, the long-delayed matter was delayed again, to a sit-down meeting between Town Staff, neighbors, and the Mounted Patrol, to try to iron out any remaining differences and bring something the COWncil can vote on back to the chamber. As COWncil member Mason joked, hopefully this won’t take another ten years. It may not be easy to address concerns of the neighbors and the needs of the Mounted Patrol but why was the issue hanging out there for 10 or 11 years? Were there no problems or complaints with what the Mounted Patrol was doing over the last decade? And, after a decade, why in the world would the deferral be to a date uncertain.

There are other pending issues which are deferred to a date uncertain. We hope that our new Town Manager will set such items for at least a status report on a date certain so that they do not simply fall into the manure and age.

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