Hoovesray School Safety Project!

September 3, 2013

Finally, getting to school is a little safer this year. More than a year ago, we reported on the Woodside School Safety Project. The first stirrings of this long-running project was the creation of No Parking zones along Woodside Road. The meat of the project was made up of several improvements to pedestrian paths and road crossings along Woodside Road to improve the safety of our children and to encourage walking to school. The Project involved striping the road, an in-road warning light, flashing beacons, regarding of the pedestrian pathway, improved signs, drainage improvements, and construction of solar powered light activated crosswalks.

The whole project cost was $200,000, though the Town is off the hook for the costs – $21,600 will come from County Measure A funds and $194,000 will come from a Federal road safety program.

The first phase of the project involved design work, costing just under $40,000. The Town also obtained a preliminary encroachment permit from Caltrans to work on the public Highway 84, with the Town agreeing to be responsible for maintaining the improved crossing. The work is now done.

At the Town COWncil meeting on the 28th, at Circulation Committee member Millo Fenzi’s urging, the COWncil also approved $5,000 to fund a Safe Routes to School Audit, a necessary step to the creation of what he called the Mercedes Star Trail. This trail would run from Mountain Home Road and other nearby streets to the school, allowing many students to walk safely to school.

We’re excited to see the progress being made – and so glad that our children will be safer this school year!

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