Hooves-ray to Local Students!

March 26, 2012

We like to celebrate when COWs do something special, but when an extraordinary thing is done by local students, why, we just want to moo it to the hills!

Recently, students at Woodside Elementary School reached across the world to help kids in a place that’s very different from Woodside – Zimbabwe. An article in the Contra Costa Times tipped us off to the students’ good work. The students spent their lunch hour helping to load urgently needed supplies now on their way to Harare Children’s Hospital. The children also sent along a personal touch by decorating Valentine’s Day cards for the hospital.

The project was organized at the elementary school by sixth-graders in a global citizenship class. The students were motivated to reach out to other children in order to help improve their lives. It certainly sounds like these young students are becoming caring global citizens.

The shipment of more than half a million dollars in aid was sent to the hospital, including exam tables and crutches, medical equipment and clothing was organized by Peace Builders. The hospital provides vital services to desperately ill children, serving the medical needs of kids with HIV / AIDS, performing surgeries to correct cleft lips and palates, and many other necessary procedures. With the ongoing health crisis in Zimbabwe – life expectancy for boys is only 42 years, the infant mortality rate is 81 of every 1,000 births, and about one in ten Zimbabweans live with HIV (more than 1.2 million people) – the hospital does work that is urgently needed.

Good job kids! We clap our hooves together for your willingness to help others and spend your time trying to make things better for other children!

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