Hooves-ray! Herd through the grapevine

December 19, 2007

We like to celebrate our local wineries. We also like to celebrate the efforts of COWs to make the environment greener. So we were particularly excited recently to learn about the Rhys Vineyards, a local winery, that is taking a natural approach to winemaking. The vintner, Ken Harvey, started out just wanting to plant a few vines in his backyard but has now grown to be a full fledged commercial vineyard producing predominantly pinot noirs. The Family Farm Vineyard and Home Vineyard are located here in Town and there are three other vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains above the Town.

Rys Vineyards is committed to a philosophy based on Organic and Biodynamic farming. According to its website “the goal is to foster biodiversity and treat the vineyard as a self-sustaining living organism”. At each of their sites, the majority of the land is left in a completely natural state, with less than 25% planted with grapes. In addition to the native wildlife, they plant herb, flower, vegetable, and grain crops. They avoid non-organic chemical applications. Fertilization is provided by free ranging chickens and sheep. They produce a wine that has less alcohol than most American wines.

Woodside has a proud winemaking history with wineries flourishing in the late 1800’s and early 1900s. We are glad to see the tradition survive. Bully to Rhys Vineyards and our heartiest cow-gratulations on your deserved recognition!

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