April 3, 2009

We COWs live in the best spot on the planet and we need to take care to keep it that way. So it was especially nice when our own Yerba Buena Nursery was recognized by a COWnty organization with the 2009 Sustainability Award.

The over 50-year old nursery owned by Kathy Crane, was presented the award March 18 by the non-profit organization Sustainable San Mateo County for their continued work in propagating and selling native California plant species. “By planting plants that are adapted to our local climate, you don’t have to use a lot of extra water in your landscaping,” said nursery manager Matt Teel. That, of course, really helps the COWnty cut down on its water use, which we know is a critical issue in this area.

In addition, local wildlife benefits from native plants. Teel pointed out in the article cited above that A lot of different insects rely on native plants for their food.While adult butterflies may visit non-native plants for nectar, they need native plants to lay their eggs. Teel also pointed out that birds rely on native plants, too. Manzanitas, for example, have tiny pink and white bell-shaped flowers that are really important for hummingbirds, because they bloom during the winter when the hummingbirds do not have as much food readily available to them.

Hooves-ray also to the Sustainable San Mateo County organization for issuing this award. This organization formed in 1992 by a group of San Mateo County citizens who sought to create a broader awareness of the sustainability concept. Its core program is the annual Indicators Report which provides fact-based information about local trends over time. They have identified approximately 30 indicators that they believe represent the foundation for a sustainable community, ranging from air quality and energy use to education and affordable housing. The 2008 report identified water supply and demand as a key indicator which will have an increasingly important role in the county’s long-term sustainability. To see this very important report go here.

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