Hooves-ray for Woodside Library’s 150th anniversary!

April 15, 2009

Our library will be celebrating its 150th anniversary. Hot dogs, history and HOOVESRAY’s, come together April 18 when COWs celebrate San Mateo COWnty’s first library. A mixture of facts, fun and food will highlight the activities which commemorate the 1859 founding of the Woodside Library Foundation.

Library staff members in period COWstumes will guide visitors through exhibits and displays of the library’s history and will explain that the celebration actually commemorates three anniversaries: The 150 year milestone, the 82nd anniversary of the first San Mateo COWnty library in Woodside and the 40th anniversary of COWs own library building which was dedicated on April 20, 1969. Visitors are encouraged to come in period get ups for the chance to win a prize.

From the initial purchase of 190 books to today’s access to thousands of books, tapes, CDs, movies and magazines, COWs have always supported their library albeit not without COWntroversy . From issues such as lack of parking to concerns about “outsiders”, it took COWS from 1960 to 1969 to dedicate a permanent home for the library. One thing that has never been COWntroversial, is the quality of the librarians and the fine collection. Library is a wonderful place to visit whether for the festivities or at any time.

The celebration will include an array of exciting activities for all ages and all events are free and open to the public. For more information go here to the library’s website.

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