Hooves-Ray for San Mateo County alert system

July 22, 2013

We COWs pride ourselves as being pretty technologically savvy here in Woodside, and we also know that there are some unique safety concerns here as well. We all know that earthquakes and fires pose a threat to safety here in Town. In the Bay Area as a whole, floods, landslides, and other hazards are present. In the past we’ve brought you the news about San Mateo County’s system of text message alerts about emergencies.

SMC Alert is a software application used to send emergency alerts, notifications and updates to your cell phone, pager, BlackBerry, PDA and/or e-mail account. You can sign up for free alerts here.

Well now, there are new ways of keeping alert and informed about emergencies and other health information that affects us – Facebook and Twitter.

Recent posts on Facebook have had reminders about Women’s Health Week, how much sleep children should be getting, tips on exercising and avoiding heat stroke, and information on the Disaster Preparedness Day that was held at the San Mateo County Fair featuring disaster preparedness experts from all over the county. It also features Q&A’s with Doctor Morrow and giveaways of useful and healthy items.

That’s all great about background safety information, but how does it work for actual need-to-know-right-now information? Well, the Facebook page had information on a frozen berry recall, information that could well prevent people from getting sick. They also had information on the West Nile cases in the county discovered in June. The page definitely seems like a great resource for health information for residents of our county, so check it out here.

The Twitter feed, @SMCHealth, has a lot of the information from the Facebook page, with links to more information. Both are great sources of information when traditional emergency links like phones go down, and are fast and unbiased sources of information.

We applaud the Health officials for now using the Alert services to keep residents informed of real-time information on emergencies, tips on how to stay safe, and classes and programs designed to prepare you and your family for the inevitable. The new social media push by the San Mateo County Health System started in early May and is going strong, and we definitely “Like” it!

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