Hooves-ray for COW’s!

April 29, 2009

We want to give a big hollar and shout out to all of you who have made donations to fund MOOtube. MOOtube gives all COWs a chance to see Town Council meetings and some other important meetings at their convenience.

We continue to believe that the Town should provide this service. To see why go here and here. Half of the cities in this County provide live and archived streaming video of Council meetings. (Belmont, Burlingame, Menlo Park, San Carlos, San Mateo, and South San Francisco). A number of these also stream planning commission and other important meetings. Several communities which still do not provide live webcasts, at least have the Council meetings available on cable television. (Brisbane and Millbrae).

In today’s busy world, we do not all have time to attend meetings to learn about what is going on. But an informed citizenry is the foundation of democracy. Videos of Council and Planning Commission meetings help assure that everyone is treated fairly. It avoids some of the problems which we have all seen in the past where there was arbitrary treatment of applicants for planning approvals. Videos enable wider participation in the important decisions that impact all of us. Decisions such as the update of the General Plan have very immediate impact on all of us. Our Town should provide this service and Susan George promised to study the issue but that was back in March 2007. But then a year later it was unceremoniously dropped from work list.

There is no fee or dues for membership in COW. We do not solicit contributions. Nonetheless, our members and supporters have generously made it possible for us to provide this website and MOOtube and we are pleased to be able to continue to provide these services. COWS we Thank you, you’re a herd above the rest!

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