Hooves-ray for Archangel Ancient Tree Archive!!

May 24, 2011

For some time, scientists have been studying how global warming will affect the ancient redwood forests. They believe that the tree, which is an ecosystem in itself, will provide important information. Stanford University climate change expert, Terry Root is often cited for the principle that giant tree clones could help fight global warming if large numbers are planted where conditions favor their long-term survival.

It has just recently come to our attention that a nonprofit organization called Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is collecting genetic material from ancient redwood trees and replanting clones in hopes of restoring the world’s ancient forests and putting them to work cleansing the environment and absorbing carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is one of the leading the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.

Scientific opinion varies on whether trees that survive for centuries have superior genes or simply have been in the right places at the right times to avoid fires, diseases and other misfortunes. Either way, we clap our hooves for the Archangel for their efforts to assure preservation of these special trees.

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