Hooves-ray! Clean pastures

November 1, 2007

Lets put our hooves together for the outrider who’s been keeping our pastures clean while peddling his way along Woodside Road!

Many of us have seen a fellow riding his bicycle up Woodside Road with a couple of white plastic grocery bags on the handlebars. We assumed that he has done some shopping and is riding home the hard way. ‘Not the case. We recently received a tip that the bicyclist, while not a COW, is certainly a hero of COWs living along the hillside. This fine feller has been picking up trash along the road as he gets his exercise. He does this regularly and that is the real reason that Highway 84 is so litter free. You will recognize him by his white hair and beard.

He deserves a big Hooves-ray in our opinion and think the Town should consider giving out community service awards for deserving folks like this. Lets all be sure to say, “Thank you!” next time you pass him by.

One Comment on “Hooves-ray! Clean pastures

  1. Jersey Girl

    Thank you whoever are! I have seen this gentleman before and had no idea he was cleaning the road. What a great example. I think a community service award is a good idea.

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