Hidden Agenda

July 5, 2011

Why is our Town COWncil agenda so user unfriendly? The COWncil agenda itself is hard to read. The Staff reports are not separately linked so to look at the material for an item, you need to scroll endlessly or search. There is no easy way to access the minutes for a past meeting. It is not easy to access archived agendas.
There is no excuse for not making the information more readily available.

Take a look at the web site for the Town of Portola Valley for example. The agenda for Council and Committees are easy to read. The material for each agenda item is linked as are the minutes of each meeting. It has a well designed pull down window making it easy to go back and forth to different areas on the site.

Look also at the web site for Los Altos Hills. Look how easy it is to see the staff reports, minutes and videos. Look at how simple it is to see the Planning Commission agenda and reports.

Look at the City of Saratoga. In addition, to a very well organized agenda, each item to the relevant portion of the on-line video. Well, we know our COWncil does not want to be seen or herd but you can always visit MooTube. Of course, we can’t make it as user friendly as it could be if it were provided by the Town.

Take a minute and take a look at these and any other of our citys’ web site for comparison. It is hard to believe Woodside is part of Silicon Valley. Unless the COWncil deliberately wants to discourage citizen access, it ought to insist that web site agenda presentation be improved to make agenda information more readily available.

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