Fields of dreams

December 1, 2007

Barkley Fields and Park recently celebrated its grand opening in Woodside – and it looks like it is being put to good use! Approximately 6 acres of beautiful land was donated to the Town by Claire and Noel Perry. The land, just east of 280 on Farm Hill Boulevard, required $2.2 million in private donations in addition to grant and Town general fund money, to become Woodside’s first municipal park!

While most of our COW-munity members were in support of the park, there were a few small hiccups along the way that required some negotiations between the Town and members of the Woodhill Estates homeowner’s association. However, after careful planning and execution, the park is now ready for use – and it’s already getting some!

A local soccer club, Alpine FC, uses the fields, and it is used by Woodside Elementary School for practice and games. It looks like the fields have helped, as their teams have had some recent success! The Alpine FC Rebels recently took home gold at the California Youth Soccer Association District II Cup Gold Division class 3 finals in the 13 and under age group. They won the event by beating DeAnza Stealth in overtime. Two of our own Woodside young-ens played an active role in the win – Mikaela Walters scored the game winning goal with an assist by Maya Norman.

Congrats to these young ladies, and congrats to all of the Woodsiders who put such a tremendous effort into making such a COW-riffic environment at Barkley Fields and Park.

6 Comments on “Fields of dreams

  1. Jumps

    We are so grateful to everyone involved in getting this park open!! The Perry family, Sally Hartman and her cohorts did Woodside proud. Thank you all for a wonderful park.
    Congratulations also to the Woodside (and all the) kids on the Alpine FC Rebels soccer team. It’s great they have another place they can participate in outdoor activities (other than equestrian) in Woodside besides the May Day Fun run and school fields.

  2. Anonymous

    We missed the grand opening but finally drove by the other day. What a wonderful property and what a great park for Woodsiders. Thanks to all.

  3. Anonymous

    Good, finally something done by the town not horse related.

  4. Sport_nut

    Spectacular! Thank you Woodsiders who made this happen.

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