Ethics in Woodside

May 8, 2017

After the recent fiasco, with the COWncil spending over $12,000 investigating one if its own, it is time that they start addressing the ethical problems that really contribute with the frustration many COWs have with our town’s governance. See our story here.

COWs have complained for years of similar projects being treated differently based on the connections of the applicant. Many feel the investigated case of a possible retaliatory sabotage to the building project of COWncil member Mason was not a one time incident and only got looked at because it happened to a council member. See our stories here here and here

We were then very pleased that COWncil decided to have an ad hoc Volunteer Committee review the Code of Ethics and Conduct and to make recommendations to the COWncil concerning its policies and enforcement procedures. The Town also engaged the Markkula Center, a leader in applied government ethics, to facilitate the work of the ad hoc committee. See here for more information.

However when we saw the Mayor’s list (see here) on who would be on this volunteer committee we had concerns. We were surprised to see a number of “insiders” (family members, committee members and exCOWncil members) on the list. We were again concerned that they have enjoyed the privileges of their status and will not want to take a critical look at the problem. See our conflicts story here.

You can see more about the existing Code of Ethics here.

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