April 30, 2018

We like to remind COWS about the Djerassi Residents Artists Program here in our own backyard. It is the largest fee-free provider of artist residencies in the western United States. Located on lands originally home to the Salson tribe of the Ohlone Indians, it was used for logging and cattle ranching. It was purchased by the late Dr. Carl Djerassi, Stanford Professor of Chemistry, playwright, and passionate patron of the arts and known as “the father of the pill.” It has had 2,300 artist residencies since its founding in 1979. It is available to the public on a very limited basis. Please see our other articles here.

On May 1st, tickets become available for the once yearly Open House event, Sunday, August 12, 2018. It’s the only time that the Djerassi Program’s Artists’ Barn and private grounds are open to the general public! You can meet the resident artists and walk the beautiful grounds with spectacular views of the ocean.

There are periodic public hikes but they sell out fast. There are other special events and amazing retreats.

Even if you can’t go there, it is worth learning more about this very special place and its history.

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