October 1, 2008

A few weeks ago, we mentioned in passing in one of our article’s that we thought that Assistant to the Town Manager Kevin Bryant was being groomed for bigger things. Here’s what we wrote:

The resolution stated that, “The Town does not require a second “Assistant” position” – i.e., Hope’s former job as Assistant Town Manager / Director of Community Design and Development. The reason? “[The Town] is now well-served by an Assistant to the Town Manager who has the capacity to move up in the organization and provide the needed administrative and managerial support.”

Oh so Kevin Bryant is being groomed to be the heir apparent. While clearly there is a big difference between Assistant TO the Town Manager and “Assistant Town Manager”, this resolution states that Kevin is viewed as someone who can and will be trusted with more responsibility as time goes on – but right now, can’t threaten Susan George’s authority as Town Manager.

While we were impressed with Kevin’s report on climate change (check out our article here) we are not sure what else he has been assigned to do. We are hopeful but we will be watching. It turns out we read the tea leaves better than even we thought! At the very next COWncil meeting, Town Manager Susan George reported that in the wake of Hope’s forced march out the door, Kevin Bryant has ascended to the position of Assistant Town Manager as of September 4th. From the Agenda: “Kevin has served as Assistant to the Town Manager since February of this year and he has exceeded all of my expectations. Originally a finalist for the Assistant Town Manager position, my agreement with Kevin when he came on board was that I would reconsider him for that position after he had shown me what he was made of.” The rest of the item goes on to say that he has now shown her what he’s made of, and ‘squashed her reservations’ over his lack of financial experience due to his ability to learn quickly.

So, COWgratulations to Kevin. Of course, we Susan’s line about “reconsidering him for the position” implies that there was some thought that Hope Sullivan might be moving on as far back as February of this year – but if that’s true, why was she put into a position of so much power? Why put her into a position that clearly she wasn’t suited for, either in her or the COWncil’s opinion (depending on what version of the story you hear)? As always, we have questions, the Town has silence.

Kevin came to our Town from Sausalito, as we reported back when he was newly hired. He seems to have done good work for our Town so far, and we have yet to hear any major complaints about him or his work. Might he possibly be the rare exception to the attitude rampant over at Town Hall? We certainly hope so. We , of course, will keep our ears to the ground – and do continue to let us know of your experiences.

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