COWncil Round up – Oct. 9th

October 23, 2007

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the video of the Woodside Town Council meeting on our Moo-tube, moo-sy on over and take a look at the video of the Council meeting. Here is a quick review of the major issues discussed at the October 9th meeting.

One resident expressed the feeling that it is as if he still lives in the 20th century because ¼ of the population of Woodside is not yet served by cable or DSL service. Susan George has been looking into this concern.
We believe it is very important for the Council to find away to make sure that all COWs are able to have adequate internet and cable access.
Following this, all items on the consent calendar were routinely approved.

The main item on the agenda dealt with amendments to Chapter Code 15 of the Town Code regarding stables. The proposed amendments were developed after much hard work by the Livestock and Animal Control Committee to improve conditions for horses and better regulate their care. After lengthy discussion with substantial citizen participation, the ordinance was passed.
To see the ordinance and what was changed go to Agenda Item 4 here

In the Public Hearing section of the agenda, there was an appeal of a decision by the Planning Director about plumbing which was installed in the loft area of a house without a permit and whether or not this installation created another bedroom. According to Hope Sullivan, Town Planning Director, this plumbing for a bathroom turns the loft area into a bedroom.
Woodside has in the past relied upon County Health Code to determine what makes a bedroom. Under the County rules the fact that a bathroom is attached to a room does not make it a bedroom. COWs should not do work on their property without permits. Rules are necessary to protect our Town. However, the rules need to be clear to avoid the kind of arbitrariness that many believe is common in Woodside.

Also of possible interest, was Town Manager Susan Georges report on Staff’s work plan and where our tax and permit dollar’s will go.
You can review this staff report see Item number 7.

Remember, you can watch this meeting yourself in Mootube!

One Comment on “COWncil Round up – Oct. 9th

  1. Anonymous

    The late Town of Woodside has no actual existence. It is, at best unfortunately, a portion of Redwood City. The Zip Code 94062 used by & for Woodside is an illusion at best: 94062 belongs to Redwood City and that’s all there is to it.

    The Zip Code Directory does not list Woodside at 94062 or at all. Woodside simply does not exist! If you use Zip Code 94062 you live in Redwood City, not only for the P O but for lots of other purposes.

    My H O, Automobile, Umbrella, etc, Insurance Companies insist that I live in R C.

    I am (and have been since 1968, a Realtor. The Data Base used by the local real estate industry is REIL. Properties are listed by Lccal (Northern California) Real Estate Firms through REIL>

    How does REIL show Woodside Property? They are shown as “Redwood City (Woodside)”.

    Woodside needs its own Zip Code

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