COWncil Roundup – July 8th, 2008

July 21, 2008

With both Mayor Romines and Mayor Pro-Tem Mason absent from the meeting, Susan George as Town Manager began the meeting; after a quick election amongst the members of the COWncil, Susan Boynton was selected as the Mayor Pro-Tem for the meeting. As always, you can watch the meeting on Mootube here.

This meeting was the first COWncil meeting since Hope officially ‘resigned’, and it has been eerily quiet with regard to her leaving the Town government. There has been no official announcement at any COWncil meeting nor any discussion of how a replacement will be selected.

There were no public comments to start off the meeting. The main topic of the meeting was about establishing a no parking zone on a portion of Tripp Road from Tripp Court to Kings Mountain Road, and putting up signs along the way. A somewhat controversial proposal, debate on the COWncil and amongst COWs who came to speak see-sawed back and forth about the impacts it would have farther down the street, fairness, safety, the right of people to enjoy their property vs. the rights of people to access Huddart Park, use of physical (and dangerous!) barriers to parkers, etc.

Quite a few people who live on the Road spoke at the meeting in support of closing it, though many wanted the entire Road closed, since they felt that a parking ban would just push the problems down the Road – as apparently it did when Raymundo Drive was closed (see page 8)to parking. A few dissenting voices were herd. There were complaints about the limited five-day notice given to people that this issue would be discussed, in July when people are often on vacation.

Eventually the no parking zone was approved unanimously, with no changes to the proposal despite an hour-plus of debate. Hopefully, the signs will conform to the letter of the State law governing such matters as there was some discussion amoung Council about bucking it.

Afterwards, the remaining issues went quickly – as did the audience, who all left after the parking issue was resolved. The Sanitary Sewage agreement between Woodside, Redwood City, and the Fair Oaks Sewer Maintenance District was passed unanimously. The resolution to appoint the Town’s voting delegate and alternate to the League of California Cities Annual Conference went nowhere since no one volunteered to go to the Conference and Susan George isn’t going either. They decided to hold over discussion for two weeks in hope that the Mayor or COWncilmember Mason would go. The agenda hasn’t been posted yet by the League, so the Town is unaware if any Woodside-specific issue are being discussed (apparently representing the Town to other local governments and learning from them isn’t important enough on its own) and the Town needs to declare its representatives (if any) before the COWncil meets in September. Since the COWncil is taking its annual vacation for the entire month of August, it seems they’re hoping that Mayor Romines or COWncilmember Mason will step up and save us from having no representative at this conference.

On this note, the meeting ended for the evening.

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