COWncil Election

September 2, 2009

On August 19. 2009, our Cowncil members deliberated whether or not to hold an election when all three candidates were unopposed. State election law requires that the COWncil make a determination whether they will hold an election or not at least 75 days prior to an election . With only 1 day before the deadline our Cowncil members had to decide if they wanted to save the 10 to 12 thousand dollars and appoint the candidates to the COWncil or hold an official election. The expressed concern about appointing the candidates was that it takes away the ability for COW’s to officially vote their representatives into office and removes any possibility for a write in candidate to try to win the seat on Election Day. Although a write in candidate seems unlikely, it did actually happen in the 1997 elections when John Blake won the seat as a write in. Another concern was the candidates lack of exposure to the COWmunity, who may have never heard of them. COWncil member Hodges felt the candidates should have the ability to be heard and express their views. Of course, the one downside to an election is the cost to the taxpayers of 10 to 12 thousand dollars in this difficult economy. In the end, a unanimous vote declared the election will go forward and all COW’s will be able to vote our new COWncil members into office. We applaud the COWncil on their serious consideration of this decision and their determination to foster the democratic process even under these circumstances.

We invite all three candidates to post biographical information as well as any goals for the coming 4 years and policy positions which they wish to inform the voters about on our website.

As a side hoof, we will be saying farewell to 12 year veteran COWncil member Carroll Ann Hodges, who has decided to vacate her District 6 seat. While we often disagreed with her, we want to sincerely thank her for her many years of service.

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