October 5, 2015

Some person unknown dumped hundreds of nails and tacks on Kings Mountain Road. It is reported that there were so many nails left that clean-up crews were forced to sweep the lanes to get them out of the way. That person is a coward and certainly not a COW.

Cyclists are attracted to the road for its views and 1,500-foot climb to Skyline Boulevard. We are lucky so far that there has not been a serious injury but at least 20 riders had to replace their tires after rolling over nails.

There is no question that there are those who dislike the cycle traffic. We understand the frustration they cause when they pack. We also know that some cyclists cause dangerous situations for pedestrians, equestrians and drivers when they don’t follow the rules of the road or are just plain discourteous. And we know how difficult it can be dealing with so many coming to our town everyday just as it is with all the additional vehicle traffic from non-residents. Roads are for all to share and to do something that could potentially cause injury let alone damage is not right.

The Mercury News reported that a cyclist team raised about $5,000 to offer a reward for information that leads to an arrest. So far, we have not heard of an arrest.

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