August 25, 2008

We strive very hard to be accurate at Citizens of Woodside, but now and then an error slips through. We’ve been trying to piece together the whole Hope Sullivan fiasco. We apparently made an error about which firm is going to conduct the recruitment for the possibly-ousted former Planning Director, Hope Sullivan.

In response to a reader comment, Susan George sent us a clarification, stating that CPS Partners of Sacramento did the executive search recruitment back in 2001 for the Planning Director position. When we posted that clarification, it seems our wires got crossed a bit and we posted that CPS would be doing the recruitment this time as well – but the resolution passed by the COWncil on July 22nd clearly states that Management Partners, Inc. WILL be doing the recruitment, this time. Unless the Agenda is in error, that must be the case.

We apologize for any COWnfusion our own COWnfusion may have caused. We were pleased that Susan took the time to write us with a correction –but she didn’t address the more worrying matter of the alleged long term relationship between the head of Management Partners and herself! Surely a contract worth close to $30,000 shouldn’t be awarded to any firm that has such close personal ties to a public official. We need totally independent consultants.

Moreover, we need to remind Susan that Management Partners, under a sizeable contract, previously provided her and the Town with a voluminous report detailing numerous improvements that Woodside should undertake to improve the approval process. This report appears to have been largely ignored.

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