April 16, 2015

CERPP which stands for Community Emergency Response Preparedness Program asks the important question: “In an Emergency – are you ready?”

With all the wild weather, unsettling news and natural disasters, we all should to be ready to take care of ourselves and our family if need be. As we have written before here. CERPP and the Woodside Fire Protection District offer classes and training to teach how to be ready in an emergency.

According to federal and state guidelines. all COWs should be prepared to be on their own without any outside help for a minimum of 3 days. This is based on typical emergency and disaster situations. Being able to survive 7 to 14 days on your own is probably wiser.

The first rule is “Make a Plan.” Since you and your family may not be together when an emergency happens so it is vital to plan in advance! The COWncil created the Emergency Preparedness Committee and has provided this webpage with good emergency preparedness information.

At they have made it simple for you to make a family plan by downloading the Family Communication Plan for Parents and Kids (PDF) . You can fill out the sections before printing it and email it to your family and friends. However, a Plan is only good if you revisit it regularly and keep it current.

You can sign up a free alert emergency information from SMC ALERT the San Mateo County emergency notification system. You will receive immediate contact during emergencies with useful information and updates sent via text.

We all hope we will never face an emergency situation but better safe than sorry.

Additional information can be found at the links below.

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