June 11, 2018

We have written several stories regarding safety issues with our kids getting to school. It’s critical the town do all it can to protect its citizen pedestrians as well as its equestrians. At the May 8, 2018 Town Council meeting the Town was notified that a petition was being circulated in support of reviewing Safe Routes to School and a request was made that the Council once again discuss this important topic. Council will discuss this Tuesday June 12th.

Woodside Elementary school did a Walking and Biking Audit which was completed in September 2013 which identified several of the potential safety issues. Town staff and the Woodside elementary PTA reviewed the audit and made 18 recommendations. Thirteen of these recommendations have been or will be completed in the next two years. You can read the report to COWncil about the various projects here.

Additionally, in July the Town is expecting to complete the Town Center Bicycle/Pedestrian study which is included in the FY 18-19 budget proposal. The study will refine and expand on bike/ped and safety improvements around the Canada Road/Mountain Home/Woodside Road intersection. Town Staff are also looking at including a crosswalk across Canada Road between Glenwood and Highway 280.

We think our Town can do even more. With ever more traffic (often speeding) our lovely Town is no longer the isolated rural cow-munity that we like to think it is. Pedestrians, including our children, have no sidewalks to keep them safe. So paths along all roads and speed/warning bumps to slow traffic on some roads should be considered.

Have your say about safety this coming Tuesday June 12th.

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