Changes proposed for our Fire Station #7

March 19, 2015

Although it was not listed on the January 27, 2015 COWncil agenda, under Council Communications, COWncil member Dave Tanner reported and the COWncil discussed the plans of the Woodside Fire Protection District (WFPD) to renovate and enlarge Woodside Fire Station #7 located at 3111 Woodside

As an initial step, WFPD has issued an RFP for a design firm to work with to plan the fire station and other buildings on the property. The design firm will be chosen based their ability to listen and design for Station #7’s specific needs, as well as efficiency in keeping the cost reasonable. A few of the features WFPD would like to incorporate are the replacement of the training tower as well as the ability for the engines to drive through in their garage to ease parking. You can learn more about the project here.

Due to the needs and size of the new/remodeled buildings, the WFPD has approached the neighboring property owner about purchasing their land. The vision for the neighboring property is to house the support functions for the station. This would include meeting rooms, office and training space and storage.

The current building was built about 40 years ago for a 2 person crew, and has since been added onto and remodeled multiple times to accommodate more people and additional needs. As of now the facility houses 10 Fire Fighters, as well as 3 support staff. These new improvements will enable the Station to have a design that will improve efficiency and better serve the community.

COWncil member Tanner pointed out that besides the building being seismically outdated, additional space is needed to handle all the personal and equipment necessary to handle the increased calls. Calls handled by the WFPD have increased significantly, over the years, in the 1970’s they had an average of 400 calls a year increasing to the present day of approximately 5000 calls a year. (Watch the video on MooTube here). The Fire Station #7 improvements will need to go to the Town for review and permits before any construction.

We really appreciate WFPD. They do an amazing job of keeping us safe. The District consists of 3 fire stations including Station #7. As a whole the WFPD serves a population of 25,000 in Woodside, Ladera, Skyline, Portola Valley, Los Trancos, Vista Verde and Emerald Hills. They routinely hold emergency preparedness classes as well as CERPP training. The Department has also gotten funding through the Fireman’s Fund to purchase a wood chipper and enact the Chipper Program, which is used to chip vegetation that homeowners have removed. This helps ensure less fuel for potential wildfires.

The WFPD fire prevention activity includes education, controlled wildfire scenarios and suppression, review of new house permits for fire suppression systems and proper vegetation and roadway maintenance. WFPD also provides CPR and safety classes for the community.

We urge you to support our wonderful Fire Department. Go here to learn more about their programs.

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