Calling all COWs for a mighty big Thank You!

January 11, 2010

We are bustin our britches with excitement and mighty grateful hearts because of all your wonderful letters and donations to Citizens of Woodside! We are pleased as punch that COWs genuinely appreciate this site and not only read it regularly but wish to help support our efforts and especially MOOtube. MOOtube gives all COWs a chance to see Town Council meetings and some other important meetings at their convenience.

We may be spurring a dead horse here but we continue to believe that the Town should provide this service. To see why go here and here. We think in a County where over half of the cities do provide live and archived streaming video or cable television of Council meetings. Ten years after we entered the 21st Century, we think Woodside should join Belmont, Burlingame, Menlo Park, San Carlos, San Mateo, South San Francisco, Brisbane and Millbrae to provide this important service to the COWmunity. A number of these cities also stream Planning Commission and other important meetings..

Not everyone can make time to attend meetings to learn about what is going on. But an informed citizenry is the foundation of democracy. Videos of Council and Planning Commission meetings help assure that everyone is treated fairly. It avoids some of the problems which we have all seen in the past where there was arbitrary treatment of applicants for planning approvals. Videos provide transparency in the important decisions that impact all of us. Decisions such as the update of the General Plan have very immediate impact on all of us.

You can help us.

MooTube – We have added a new feature to MooTube. We will be covering some Planning Commission and ASRB meetings. If there is an item on either the agenda for either body that particularly interests you, let us know and we will be happy to try to cover it.

We have just posted our first filming of the Planning Commission meeting of November 18, 2009. A review of a Site Design for a new barn in RR zoning district and another to demolish an existing single-story home and construct a new one in the R-1 district were on the Consent Calendar and both approved. The third item on the agenda was an appeal by the Menlo Country Club (which is going to be considered by of Council Tuesday 1/12/2010). The Country Club, which is in a SCP-10 zone and sits on four individual parcels, is classified as a “Golf Course” instead of a “Private Noncommercial Club” and so is Nonconforming. The Club does maintain a golf course for it’s members, but argued that they also provide other services beyond that of a “golf Course”. As a Nonconforming Use the Golf Course might not be allowed any future development. The Planning Commission denied the application and the appeal will be heard on January 12th. So take a look at your Planning Commission in action.

Local Events – We have been asked how one gets a story posted on COW about an organization’s Woodside event. Just let us know what you are planning and when and we will try to post it.

Story ideas – Our story ideas come from our readers. Let us know what interests or concerns you. You can post a comment or, if you rather not post, email us at

Our Funding – We are funded by the voluntary contributions of generous COWs. Donations are used to cover our costs. They are not tax deductible. They are greatly appreciated. Please make checks out to Citizens of Woodside, Inc. at P.O. Box 620166, Woodside, CA 94062

Membership – There are no membership dues. Members, who want them, get email alerts when there are important stories. Become a member by filling out our form here.

So we will keep at it and with all of your help, we hope to do even more.

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