Building Activity and Property Sales Recovering in Town.

August 7, 2013

The Town Manager recently made a report to the Town COWncil about planning and building activity in Woodside. The report compared nine months of the past fiscal year with the same nine months of the previous fiscal year. After weathering the economic storms of the past several years, the good economic news is that the dollar value of approved building and remodeling permits is up $10 million over the last fiscal year.

All this activity reflects the larger building boom in the Bay Area going on right now. Both Silicon Valley and San Francisco are building new housing at an unprecedented rate.

Some statistics from the report show the new vigor of the mini-construction boom here in Town. This past year, eleven new residences were approved, versus three the year before. The new building permits will be for $9.5 million more in construction than the last fiscal year. 6 new accessory living quarters were approved, twice the amount of the year before.

There were fewer additions this year, but the dollar valuation was nearly the same, suggesting more extensive additions are being built in Town. There were more than double the number of remodels this year as well, and three barns were approved versus no barns last year.

One interesting tidbit is that new solar projects have decreased in Town, with six fewer projects which total $250,000 less than planned for the year before. Does this mean that most folks in Town who want to put solar panel on their home have, or will the number rebound in the future?

According to the Town Manager during a budget discussion at the COWncil, there’s been a boom in properties changing hands as well, with a whopping 50% increase in properties changing hands during the year to date. He also said that lots of projects are coming through the ASRB, with double the planning activity this year, with much more revenue from fees and permits accruing to the Town as well.

It seems like we’ll be hearing a few more hammers over the next year or so, but it shows the vigor of our Town and the continued desirability of rural living in the increasingly bustling Bay Area. Residents still want to improve their properties and prospective residents are still eager to move to Woodside – and that’s good for everyone.

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