Blazing saddles?

January 18, 2011

COW’S all love our open range and our beautiful woodsy setting, but it requires that we remain vigilant to avoid wildfires. Plant life can easily take over creating a safety risk for our COWmunity since we have such an abundance of vegetation cow-pled with narrow rural roads that are hard for emergency ingress and egress. Fire is a real be cow-ncern.

In conjunction with the Town’s Defensible Space Matching Fund Program, the Woodside Fire Protection District offers a free Defensible Space risk assessments to COWs. They will advise you of the measures need to be taken to create a defensible space. The Town has a program to help off-set some of the costs of creating the defensible space. If you are interested in this program, the Town offers COWs up to $1,000 in matching funds to do work specified in the assessment to reduce the fire fuel around homes. Go here for an application. Once you have a completed application and assessment, the work will need to be approved by Town staff. Once the work is completed, the Town will reimburse 50 percent of the cost of the work up to $1,000. The COWncil has allocated $25,000 to this program but as of January 4th only nine completed applications have been received. It is worth getting the defensible space assessment from the District and doing the work, even if you do not want the hassle involved in seeking reimbursement.

The District also offers another valuable fire prevention program to COWs. The Chipper Program is another program to make fuel reduction easier for you and also decrease our COWmunity’s threat from wildfire. The District will chip and dispose of vegetation removed by COWs. Bring the materials you would like chipped to the roadside on your designated neighborhood day and the District takes care of the rest. This service is also provided at no cost. To learn more about the designated neighborhood days and some restrictions, go here.

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