Big Moos! Town Manager to Retire.

January 30, 2011

Well Town Manager Susan George is finally really going to retire. She has talked about retiring before but this time she apparently means it. At the COWncil’s January 25th meeting, she announced that she would be retiring in one year from now, in January 2012. She made her announcement at the start of the meeting, saying that she is looking forward to seeing the General Plan completed and substantial work done on the Town Design Guidelines.

Mayor Ron Romines then spoke briefly about the process of replacing the Town Manager. On Tuesday, February 1st, the COWncil will hold a special meeting (open to the public) at 6 pm, to review and approve a timeline for the recruitment of a new Town Manager and to send out a request for proposals to hire an Executive Search firm to manage the process. It is very important that the head hunter be entirely independent and not have professional or personal ties to the Susan or to any member of the COWncil.

The COWncil will also appoint a Subcommittee to work with the head hunter. That is all well and good but we’d like to see COWmunity involvement in the selection process. First of all, there should be COWmunity input on the characteristics which we want to see in our Town Manager. Then, there should be COWmunity members on the interview panel who can make recommendations to the COWncil on the selection.

Other cities have selection processes with significant community in-put and so should we. It is critically important that COWs have a say since the Town Manager really holds the reins.

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