Belle Alert! Sudden Oak Death Meeting (On Mootube!)

September 18, 2008

Watch the meeting on Mootube under Public Service!
Mentioned at the TAIL end of last week’s COWncil meeting was a quick note that there will be a meeting at Town Hall Tonight – the 18th – about Sudden Oak Death. We looked and looked for more information on the Town’s website, but we searched in vain – there’s no information on the website about the meeting at all. We decided to RUSTLE up some info for you.

Kevin Bryant, the Assistant Town Manager, spoke with us by phone and told us that all mailing addresses with the 94062 zip code should have received a post card – but we know of at least one address that didn’t. So in case you didn’t get the official notice from the Town, we got the scoop from Mr. Bryant.

Back in the spring, the Town held a meeting about Sudden Oak Death (SOD), a virulent disease that we’ve reported on before. As you may know, it’s a disease that has killed oak trees by the millions, spread by spores – and is present in our area. That meeting (one of the ones listed here:
, was a “SOD Blitz” – a meeting designed to educate and warn the public about the dangers of and proper response to the SOD epidemic, presented by the UC Berkeley Forest Pathology Lab. At the meeting, according to Mr. Bryant, residents of Woodside and Portola Valley were asked to bring in the leaves of bay trees (bay trees being an important reservoir of the disease) for researchers to inspect and do a study of the spread and virulence of SOD in our local COWmunities.

According to the Assistant Town Manager, turnout was good at the meeting, and the meeting tonight is also expected to be popular. Topics to be covered tonight may include the results of the UC Berkeley study, as well as presentations and question-taking from members of the Oak Mortality Task Force, and presentations from a Fire Behavioralist and an Arborculturalist from Marin. Representatives from Agri-Chem will be at the meeting as well, to promote their fertilizer / fungicide Agri-Foss™, a popular weapon against SOD. The meeting will be hosted by Mr. Bryant.

We definitely encourage everyone to attend the meeting Tonight night, despite the Town’s poor COW-munication about the event. We will also be there filming the proceedings, because despite interest from the COWncil in recording the event and a weak promise from Town Manager Susan George to look into it, the Town itself will not be recording the event. This is just further proof that the Town ill-serves its residents by not having a video recording capability for Town events.
Check out the video on Mootube in a few days, or check out the meeting in person. We would like to thank Mr. Bryant, who was very informative and professional in giving us information for this article.

Sudden Oak Death Meeting
7-9 pm
Independence Hall
2955 Woodside Road
Woodside, CA 94062

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