Belle Alert – Mountain Lion Meeting tonight Oct. 21st

October 21, 2008

We want to give all of our Woodside-area residents a reminder that tonight at Town Hall there is going to be an informational public meeting on the subject of mountain lions. As you are probably aware, there have been quite a few sightings of mountain lions in the news lately – see our recent article here.

As that article notes, there have been no recent reported attacks by the mountain lions, but there have been multiple sightings. There were enough concerns expressed by citizens that the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office decided to hold two Town meetings – Portola Valley had theirs two weeks ago and tonight is Woodside’s turn.

The meeting is expected to cover information on recent sightings, tips on staying aware and reducing risk (many of which we outlined in our previous article). It is also expected that the Sheriff’s Office will stress just how rare mountain lion attacks are, and why cautious hikers and homeowners have relatively little to fear. Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office has inaugurated a program of riding motorcycles in the hills in order to scare away mountain lions – as we outlined in our previous article. Hopefully an update on the effectiveness of that program will be given.

Mountain lions are definitely still present though – a 85-pound mountain lion was struck on Highway 92 near Crystal Springs Reservoir / Highway 280 in San Mateo County just a few days ago on October 14th. The lion in that case was hit by a SUV around 7:30 in the morning and injured, though it managed to escape into the underbrush. You can read more about that here.

Even more recently – just this past Saturday – the Sheriff’s Office issued a cougar alert due to a partially-consumed deer carcass being discovered in Portola Valley. In that case it couldn’t be confirmed that the deer had in fact been attacked by a mountain lion (see here).

Clearly, mountain lions are in our thoughts and apparently on the prowl! If you haven’t already read our previous article on the subject , you may want to do so hereLINK, and come to the meeting tonight. If you don’t get a chance to come to the meeting tonight at Town Hall, COW will be filming the meeting and will stream it on our website in the MooTube section. It will be up soon along with a description of the meeting.

If you see a Mountain Lion, in an emergency call 911. For non-emergency sightings, call the Sheriff’s Department at 650-363-4911.

Mountain Lion Meeting

Tuesday, October 21, 2008
6 p.m.
Independence Hall
2955 Woodside Road
Woodside CA

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