Belle Alert – General Plan decisions – be included!!

March 4, 2009

The Town’s General Plan is our land use bible. All decisions are supposed to be consistent with the General Plan. The Town has put forth an ambitious program for the much needed up date of the General Plan. A large task force, including repreasentatives of the various commissions and committees and 13 members of the public at large will be named on March 10th.

The Town has dedicated a portion of its website to providing information about this process. As important as this process is, it is unfortunate that the Town will not be video streaming these Task Force meetings. The Town has though provided room on their web site for you here to be able to express your view. Hopefully, this opportunity will remain available throughout the process.

At this time, you may want to make some general comment about things which are particularly important to you. The best place to start to look for what will be important to you is on what the Town calls a Report card here with Goals, Program Objectives and Status. Some areas of concern that we have already herd about include: the proper role of trails (re: bicycles, horses, pesestrians); simplification of the approval process; concern for property rights; and affordable housing issues.

Make sure your voice is herd!

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