Belle Alert – Code changes discussed at 11/27 Council meeting

November 26, 2007

The Town Council will begin consideration of changes to the Building Code at the Council meeting on November 27th at 7:30p.m (see items 10 & 11). Changes to State wide Uniform Building Code that applies State wide and which will become effective at the first of the year. Local jurisdictions have some ability to alter the uniform code when there are climatic, geographical or topographical conditions that warrant stricter regulation. Uniformity is important because our contractors and architects work in many jurisdictions and it would be unreasonable to have vastly differing standards and the standards should be interpreted and applied the same everywhere, not subject to arbitrary interpretations.

If you are about to undertake a construction project the changes to the Code may impact you particularly with regard to the use of natural materials, including wood siding, and the ability to retain natural vegetation or types of new vegetation you are allowed to plant. Make sure you review the attached agenda (staff report item# 11) to see if you may be effected.

3 Comments on “Belle Alert – Code changes discussed at 11/27 Council meeting

  1. Anonymous

    These code change appear to be very confusing. I cannot attend and am happy to have the option you provided of watching online.

  2. Sport_nut

    Can’t agree with you here. Anything the town will have to regulate is not in our best interests as they have proven time and time again.

  3. Anonymous

    Providing this video is an invaluable service. Thank you “COW” for providing it.

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