Belle Alert! Apply Now for Planning Commission Seat!

August 23, 2013

Residents of Woodside’s District 3, there is an opening for a seat on the Town’s Planning Commission to replace Commissioner Sandra Thompson. The deadline for the spot is August 30th, though the Town’s next scheduled COWncil meeting isn’t until September 10th.

The Planning Commission is a very important advisory group to the Town COWncil. The Commission “participates in the administration of the planning laws and policies of the Town. It is responsible for recommending to the Town Council ordinances and resolutions necessary to implement the General Plan and adopted development policy.” Additionally, the Planning Commission holds public hearings and decides on such things as conditional use permits, variances, zoning amendments, and other business that the COWncil asks it to handle.

As we’ve reported recently, planning and building activity in Town has been on a sharp rise in Town after a few quiet years during the recession. $10 million more in construction has been permitted this year compared to last.

The District 3 seat is for a partial term, running through February of next year, so this is a good opportunity to serve our COWmunity and see if you are a good fit for the job before committing to a longer term.

We urge all COWs to get involved and make a difference. After all – SOMEONE is making the decisions that affect the quality of life in our Town and the value of your property. Shouldn’t it be you?

Find out what District your home is in here.

Get your application for the Planning Commission seat here, and be sure to turn it into the Town by August 30th.

You can get more information from the Town on their website here or by phoning (650) 851-6790.

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