Belle Alert – Urgent! Rescue mini horses!

September 21, 2009

COW received an Urgent message, passed on to us from a reader, telling us that the Peninsula Humane Society is asking for immediate assistance from fellow horse lovers in our COWmunity for 12 mini horses.  They are in need of:

· Foster homes and/or adopters for a number of adult minis.

· Farriers willing to donate their services this coming week to trim some of the minis’ hooves.

· Donated grass hay – if people can bring it to Los Altos Hills, it will be distribute d to foster homes.

· Financial gifts – the Peninsula Humane Society work is funded entirely by donations. This rescue will cost them several thousand dollars so they are asking for donations.

Any willing foster home, adopter, Farrier or donor should contact PHS/SPCA Lead Investigator Christina Hanley at her office number,
650/340-7022, ext. 384 or her work cell, 650/483-5647.

We applaud the fine work of the Humane Society and hope the mini-horses find good homes.

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