Belle Alert – Local Election

April 26, 2009

There is an important local school parcel tax election on May 5th – not to be confused with the May 19 Special Election State-wide Ballot Measures (Proposition 1A … Spending limit/ “rainy day” fund; .Proposition 1B … Education funding; Proposition 1C … Lottery modernization; Proposition 1D … Children’s services funding; Proposition 1E … Mental health services Funding; and Proposition 1F … Elected officials’ salaries in deficit years). We urge all COWs to vote in a May 5 special election to retain the annual education parcel tax for Woodside School District. –

In 2001, voters approved a parcel tax in the Woodside School District which will expire in 2009. This measure proposes to levy the special tax for a period of eight years beginning July 1, 2009 and ending June 30, 2017 at a rate of $242 per year (adjusted for inflation) per parcel on all taxable parcels in the District. Any property owner aged 65 years or older may qualify for an exemption from the special tax if that property owner occupies the parcel. The purposes of the special tax are to: maintain and improve academic standards and educational programs; provide small class sizes; and retain teachers. The proceeds of the special tax will be placed into a special account. An independent citizens’ oversight committee will be established to monitor the expenditures of the parcel tax revenues. An
annual report is required that accounts for the parcel tax revenues collected and the manner in which they have been spent. The measure requires a two-thirds of voters to vote yes to pass.

The election is an All-mail requiring ballots to be received, not postmarked, by Tuesday, May 5, in order to be counted. The elections office is urging voters to mail their ballots five days ahead. COW Voters can also drop off their ballots at Town hall.

The Woodside School District does an excellent job of educating our young-un’s. They need to be adequately funded. Officials are estimating only a 35% turnout, but we think COWs should–and will–turn out in larger numbers since the education of our calves has always been a major priority for COWs.

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