Auditions begin!

August 6, 2008

This is Mootastic!!!! The Woodside Community Theater is getting ready to cast their yearly musical. This year’s performance will be of Guys and Dolls. The Woodside Community Theater began having yearly performances since the 1950’s with George Sellman behind the wheel. There was an 11 year hiatus after Mr. Sellman retired, but lucky for us the group got back together in 2003. For a list of previous years productions and current production staff go to the group’s website at

Anyone and everyone can audition for the musical which will be performed in November. For more information on this year’s musical you can go here. Audition times and places are:

Thurs. Aug. 7 – Guild Hall, Woodside Village Church – 7–10 PM,

Sat. Aug. 16 – Guild Hall – 10 AM -1 PM

Tues. Aug. 19 – Church Chapel – 7-10 PM

Wed. Aug. 20 – Guild Hall – 7-10 PM – Dance/Movement Auditions for Everyone

Thurs. Aug. 21 – Guild Hall – 7-10 PM – CALLBACKS

If you can’t make these dates send them an e-mail at and they may be able to accommodate you. This is such a great annual event even if you can’t be apart of it definitely go and see it, it’s always great. SO in November kick up your hooves and gallop to the Guys and Dolls musical!

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