ASRB special meeting February 23rd

February 18, 2015

ASRB special meeting February 23rd

We have heard many complaints and horror stories regarding the ASRB process. These meetings are open to the public and the best way to help repair the system is to have the process be transparent.

A special ASRB meeting is set for February 23 for Conceptual Review of two rather ordinary projects. The Town states the purpose of Conceptual Design review is to secure early evaluation by ASRB related to the design, site planning and proposed site work prior to applying for a Formal Design Review or submitting applications or any other entitlements/permits which may be necessary. We don’t know of any other community that has this 2 part submission requirement for additions to existing homes.

The first is on Alta Mesa Rd. The project is proposing new additions that total 2129 square feet to an existing residence and landscape and site improvements. It requires both Conceptual and Formal Review by the ASRB. The staff report is well worth reading. It shows the amount of detail required of the applicant and makes the amount of staff time that goes into the process obvious. Is this all really necessary? This seems especially severe as they will need to go through this entire process again.

The second project is on Friars Lane and consists of a new three-car garage that would be built into the hillside with a green roof, make some improvements to the existing residence and landscaping. The landscaping work includes replacing the brick entry pylons with new natural stone walls; new side yard trash enclosure fence and a gate; stone paving at the driveway entry; an awning at the front entrance and an arbor at the rear of the residence. Additionally adding a grill and fireplace below the rear arbor and replacing the stone veneer on the chimneys and front entry walls with a more natural stone veneer, garden beds etc. This work also requires Conceptual Design review as well as Formal Design Review.

You can read the staff report for this project here.

If you are interested in understanding the direction of the ASRB is taking or in the design review process, this is a good meeting to attend. For the complete agenda and other reports go here.

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