January 4, 2019

We hope one of the Town COWncil resolutions for the new year is to address ethical concerns quickly and clearly. The COWncil is still reviewing policy based on its most current adoption of its Code of Ethics which was revised in 2018 after some very contentious and troubling accusations concerning ASRB members (see our previous stories here and

They have been reviewing circumstances where an ASRB member also serves on other Town Advisory Committees (as we have discussed before here) which may present a conflict. The Original Code of Ethics was adopted in 1994 and was reaffirmed and amended several times. On March 22, 2016 one such amendment established the policy that if members of the ASRB also serve on other Town advisory bodies, they were required to recuse themselves from participation in the advisory body review of any project that would subsequently come before the ASRB for review. However since the newly revised 2018 Code of Ethics was adopted it wiped this amendment off the books. To restore it, Resolution #2018-7260 was recommended by staff for approval. However, it was pulled off of the October 23rd agenda by COWncil member Kasten for further discussion and has not yet made it back on the agenda.

We hope to see this issue and other issues which have been raised, (see our story here ) addressed without further delay to ensure that the highest ethical standards are clearly articulated and enforced in Woodside..

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