Anniversary story – Yippee ah oh

October 27, 2009

We are kicking up our hooves in celebration of the anniversary of Citizens of Woodside (COW). We began 4 years ago when a number of Woodside residents came together and discussed our concerns about governance in Woodside. We had all had bad experiences with Susan George, Hope Sullivan or Kent Dewell. We all had concerns that our COWncil was neither fair nor transparent. Important reforms had been proposed by Irwin Kaplan which were being ignored. We concluded that it was time to shed some sunshine on this pasture.

And shed sunshine, we have !! We initially conducted a poll, which had a huge response, and showed us that overwhelmingly COWs shared our concerns. We have urged the COWncil to fix the review process; to update their antiquated regulations for septic systems; to ask for the report on retaliation; stop butchering our landscaping; we asked where’s Hope Sullivan when her departure had not been announced; and warned the COWncil to be careful on code definitions. We have called attention to issues of COWmunity concern including Sudden Oak Death and Fire safety here and here. We have highlighted local events and activities. And when the Town refused to video its meetings, we took it upon ourselves to show the meetings on MOOtube.

There have been changes and improvements at the Town since we started. Both Hope Sullivan and Kent Dewell are gone. The new staff seems to be more responsive. The COWncil meetings have improved since MOOtube began. But, we still hear stories of unfair treatment. We still see long proposed reforms not instituted. See this story and this one. We still see issues that deserve more serious attention than they are receiving from our Town leaders.

We have been true to the COW Mission, which is to foster Communications among concerned citizens; to promote citizen Oversight of town activities; and to Work together for the betterment of our community. We remain strictly anonymous in the tradition of the Federalist papers. We link to our source material to assure factual accuracy. We welcome disagreement.

We look forward to continuing to discuss local concerns and issues with the herd and bringing down the barn with our fellow COWs at the next local shindig. We hope you will join us.

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  1. Anonymous

    Congratulations! Thank you for provding the citizens of Woodside (and surrounds) with an invaluable reporting, editorial and political prodding service. I, for one, appreciate your openess and transparency in reporting style, and willingness to look at new ideas. Cheers to you, COW!

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