Survey Results: Our School

June 13, 2006

In our recent survey, we asked a number of open-ended questions. This is the first in a series of posts analyzing the information which we received.

There were quite a number of responses that mentioned the high quality of Woodside Elementary School. They want to see the quality maintained. Support for teachers was strongly expressed. We COWs know how important it is to have someone good and responsible to watch over the herd. We’re glad that Woodside has some of the best teachers around.

One concrete suggestion made in the survey was to improve the safety of kids biking or walking to school along Woodside Road, particularly between Robert’s Market and Woodside Elementary School by putting up ‘No Parking’ signs on Woodside Road between Robert’s Market/Bucks Restaurant and the school – so kids are not forced out on the road when biking or walking. The commenter also suggested building sidewalks on Glenwood Avenue/Hillside (from Canada Road to Alta Mesa and on Mountain Home Road.

For those who are moo-ved to help the school, be aware that there is a Woodside School Foundation. It’s web site ( states: “Our mission is to ensure continued excellence in the academic, social, and cultural environment at Woodside School by providing a dependable flow of supplementary funds. The foundation raises financial support from, and is accountable to, parents and wider community. The Woodside School Foundation works in partnership with the school board, school administration, and other school organizations.”

Our calves are important to all of us. An excellent community has excellent schools and we can all be proud of the school we’ve got.

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  1. Anonymous

    Just a reminder that a portion of the Town of Woodside resides in the Las Lomitas School District which comprises Las Lomitas Elementary (K-3) and La Entrada (4-8). Both schools’ test score results are generally equal to Woodside Elementary’s. Las Lomitas also has a foundation, the Las Lomitas Education Foundation, and would appreciate participation from all who value quality education.

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