Addition to the Barn

June 6, 2006

Later this month, a new engineer will join the Town. Known as EJ, Eunejune Kim is licensed as both a civil and a traffic engineer.

He has a masters degree in civil engineering. He has worked for the City of Brentwood for almost 4 years. Before that he worked for the cities of Santa Clara and San Raphael.

We are optimistic that he will bring a new attitude and new ideas for streamlining the system. Our survey showed that some changes are way over due. Out of 124 responders in our Survey, 92 rated the engineering staff as “poor” and 17 as “fair,” only 10 rated the staff “good” and a mere 5 found them to be “excellent”.

We trust by our next survey these figures can be turned around. We should have an engineering staff that is rated excellent by most COWs. We warmly welcome EJ and wish him the best in his new position. Attached below is his CV.

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