Belle-COW Alert For May 17th Planning Commission Meeting

May 11, 2006

The upcoming Planning Commission meeting has several items we consider important, including one concerning whether basements are considered parts of the floor area of a house.

We’ll be there and hope others are as well. Both of these issues could affect a great many in the town. We hope to see many of you there.

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  1. Roburt

    So, what happened? I didn’t see this message until after the meeting had occurred. Under the current rules, a basement is not included. I assume that since this issue was to be discussed, it is because someone is upset that another person has enough money to add living space to their home with zero impact on neighboring homes or the rural feel of Woodside in general. Why does the town seem intent on making it difficult to build in Woodside? A basement is underground, by definition. What is it about a basement that should have any impact on the TFA computation, which as I understand it is there to ensure that the footprint and height of a home isn’t too big? I’m baffled.

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