Belle-COW Alert for May 3rd Planning Commission Meeting

April 21, 2006

The Planning Commission will be considering a proposed Tree Protection Ordinance as prepared by the Town’s Conservation and Environment Committee.

The Ordinance articulates what type of trees and stands of trees are proposed for protection, a permit procedure for tree removal, and the penalties for unlawful tree removal:

COWs need trees for shade and are in favor of saving truly significant trees but we are concerned about more bureaucratic process and arbitrary decisions about what you can and cannot do on your property. We hope more COWs will start attending these important meetings to protect our pastures.

0 Comments on “Belle-COW Alert for May 3rd Planning Commission Meeting

  1. jim MCFadden

    I live in the forest and I protect my family from the widowmakers and I do not need the “city” to tell me how or when.
    What has the city done about the Scotch Broom?
    Natural vegitation will step right around thier ordinance.
    Are the sick California Oaks “significant” too?
    Their ordinance did not fix that either.
    When my neighbor, cut down redwood on my property to make a construction road, the city did nothing.
    You get my drift !!! thanks :-)

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